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eLearning & Digital Courses 


An eLearning business is an online platform that educates people, either by imparting niche-specific knowledge or teaching new skills. – Source: Uscreen.tv 

Income & Earning Potentials 

eLearning businesses generate income in a number of ways, but the most common are:

  • One-off sales of products like eBooks and courses.
  • Subscription access to independent online schools.

Selling your course on your website can help you control how much passive income you earn. Finding your customers is up to you. That will be a bit easier if you sell on course platforms like Udemy, but your course may be heavily discounted during certain periods. This will affect how much passive income you earn. 

We are seeing an exponential sales growth for course creators specially during pandemic.  Whether you decide to sell a course on your own website or on a platform like Udemy, you’ll find customers who want to learn your insider tips and tricks. 

And, Selling online courses is one of the best Online Business Models of 2021


To sell your course on Teachable, all you need to do that is a Sales Page. The good news is that when you create a Teachable course, you’ll get a sales page that is largely auto-generated. You can use the sales page to sell your course, and also to collect email addresses before launch.

“Don’t find customer for your products,

Find products for your customers.”
― Hyacil Han,

ELEARNING Business Quick Facts:

  • Learning Curve: Low-High
  • Time to Profit: 1-4 months+
  • Earning Potential: $10-$20,000+/mo.
  • Startup Costs: $0-150+
  • Time Requirement: Low-Medium
  • Passive: Yes

TEACHABLE is an LMS or Learning Management System. It is an online platform for creating and teaching courses. Content creators can create an online course and upload them on Teachable.

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